High tea was a success, and I would like to thank all the lovely Ladies Who Lush that came out to the Mandarin Oriental.  If you missed out, no worries as I plan to do tea at least once a quarter.  Hopefully each time the turn out will be bigger and better, and rest assure that it will always take place on a leisurely Sunday.  

We had a lot of discussion about things ladies would like to do.  Upcoming events:  wine tastings, movies, networking happy hour once a month, horseback riding, zip line adventures, galas, holiday events, group yoga, group training by Mr. Andrew Boch, pleasure parties, skin / sex seminars, and so much more.  I also have ideas for singles mixers.  The first one I want to throw in the winter will be a 'bring a man you dont want' mixer.  Another woman's trash .. err.. lack of interest could be your treasure!  Could be fun.

First things first!  Let's put on our big girl pants and go see a scary movie in October.  Nibbles afterwards?  Also for November I'm planning a horseback riding day in the Shenandoah Valley at the Marriot Estate.  Dates, and prices to be announced.  The horseback riding will be co-ed so feel free to bring your bff, bf, SO, husband, brother, whatever.    

Loads of ideas pouring in.  And yes I will reschedule the bouldering rock climbing event.  Hold on to your hats ladies, the ride is just beginning.