Miss Kat

                         I tried those meet up sites to make new friends and I've felt really stuck in a rut with these groups. 

These people I know go rock climbing, but don't want to go horseback riding.

That group goes out to eat once a week, but only at Cheesecake Factory.

That group is only married women and kicked me out for being single.  (::sad face::)

I  started Ladies Who Lush to meet women who are friendly, welcoming, and above all, eager to go out and have a great time.  After I left DC for work I bequeathed the DC chapter to my good friends Lia & Ruth, and started the Destin chapter.  We try to do something once a month, sometimes more depending on our schedules. 

There are NO FEES for membership, just a good attitude, and a quest for fun.

THIS group will welcome you all to come out, be yourself, and have fun.  I want to go out, try everything, and meet everyone.  Life is too short to die in flats!  Throw on some heels, and let's go!

Miss Lia Elena

Lia Elena is passionate about branding, cosmetics, & helping women in developing nations. She loves partying, hip-hop, cooking, reading, and is latte obsessed.  Lia just wants to have fun and meet fun-loving, interesting, smart women in DC and help other women do the same.  As she likes to say, "This making friends ish is hard, but doesn't need to be."  Follow her on Twitter: @lia17

Miss Ruth

Ruth walks the precarious line between tomboy danceaholic and ladylike alcoholic. She knows that having a safety net for the occasional girls' night out is a luxury in a transient city like DC where everyone is on the go. You'll find her embracing tech and healthcare from 9-5, and breaking it down to sick beats after sunset.

Left: Lia   Right: Ruth

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